What a Men Want from a Relationship

What men want from a relationship – Introduction

what men want from a relationshipFiguring out what men want from a relationship can be tricky. Women tend to become pretty serious when it comes to identifying whether their boyfriend knows all their likes and dislikes. But there are certain things that men want from a relationship that the ladies tend to forget about.

Once you are done reading this, try it out on your partner. You will be surprised that you had never paid attention to it.

Men Want Praise and Approval

The historical secret is already out of the bag – men are famous for their tender egos. So ladies, it won’t harm you if you can just let some praises loose. This will boost up your partner’s confidence and will encourage them to be better in the relationship for you. Besides, you are the most precious person, whose feedback they value the most. Try praising him for his positives. Tell him often what you find attractive about him. Your praise won’t make him feel cocky. Rather, it will make him feel more loved.

But don’t forget, your praise has to be real! Flattery is cheap and nasty, and will only build resentment.

They Find Love in Respect

Never forget to tell how much you respect his opinion and input. It makes him feel wanted. Men love it the most when they feel useful and wanted. It will also help him open up about what he is needs help with. And also, he will be much more inclined to have an interest in planning the next holiday together if he can have input!

Having Some Fun is In Their Blood

Intimate conversations are okay, from time to time. But too much seriousness bores them. They are seekers of fun. So take him out for an evening at some pub or try out things that are silly but all about being fun. Even better, get his mates over to watch the footy!

Men can view committed relationships a drag and killer of all fun, this explains the fact why some men find it difficult to get committed to long-term relationships.

Men Want Some Signs of Sexual Connectionwhat men want from a relationship

It is said that unlike women, men are observed to connect better through sex. In saying that, just as some find it hard to communicate, there are those that are not so sure how to express themselves in the bedroom. You may have to help and guide them.

But sexual connection doesn’t have to be all about sex, if your spouse or partner tries to reach out to you, try giving him a warm hug or even a passionate kiss. This will make him feel more loved.

They Search for the Perfect Chemistry

Men also want the perfect chemistry and as much as this may surprise you, the perfect chemistry is the one that never runs out of conversation. Not one that likes to hear her own voice, but one they can discuss things with. Remember back in the days when you first got together, you spent hours gazing at each other and just talking. Try finding out how to spark up the fire again in your relationship through finding interesting topics you can both get involved in.

A Little Bit of Humor is What They Search for the Most

Most men are humoristic by nature – something that every women love about their man. They too search for the same. If you have the humor in you then do not shy away. Show it. There is nothing that can entertain them more than this.

What men want from a relationship isn’t too tricky – as long as you show them respect, love and affection you will have many happy years together!

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