The Warning Signs In A Relationship

Not every relationship is compatible. There are general ups and downs in relationships, and then there are those that were just not meant to happen. You will realize this when you will enter in to one. In case you wondered what it is like, here are some warning signs that give away that you are in a dysfunctional relationship.

The first step is to closely observe your partner, not to try to read something into a situation, but to gain clarity as to what is going on with the two of you.

  • When you are No Longer a Priority

True, it feels awful that someone who used to hang around a lot is now no longer available. But this could be a sign that your partner is trying to avoid you. Does he or she always come up with finding new excuses? Hides behind computer games, TV, work or his mates? If yes, then you have got your answer.

  • When they are Miles Away

Your partner does not have to travel miles away to create a distance. They can do it even when they are sitting close to you. It’s just that they are going to show lack of interest in what you are saying or are engrossed in some other world. Physical distance is nothing in terms of pain compared to the emotional distance.

You will realize how you miss all the conversation and the desires that used to be mutual between the two of you.

  • When they talk in Weird Clichés

Ever heard your partner saying something like these? – “We are so different from each other”, “Whether you love me or hate me, I don’t care. I just want to be me”, “there must be compatibility in a relationship”. You have got the signs. You know what to do. So before your partner drops the bomb in front of you, drop it and move out of the door.

  • When they No Longer Ask about Your Day

A healthy relationship has couple asking and helping each other out through the hard and the good days’ work. But if you find your partner to suddenly show lack of interest, then you know a black flag in your relationship has been hoisted.

  • When they No Longer Want to Go Out on Dates

You love going out on dates with your partner, but something has changed about him or her. For he or she does not want to go out with you anymore. And how do you know that? It’s pretty simple. Have you ever asked them out and the reply they gave was that they have got some work to do? There you are – the sign. Is it genuine? You know your partner better than anyone.

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