The Best Celebrity Love Stories That Are the Stuff of Dreams

It is often said that once you reach the epitome of your successful career, the lights bedazzle you to such an extent that it is easy to lose track of the important things in life. But this article is not about the tragic celebrity love stories that have emerged from Hollywood over the years. This is about the true love stories of 5 celebrity power couples:

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Not to gush, but these two are a breath of fresh air in a world where a successful romance is counted in months. Often cherished as the world’s best celebrity couple, devoid of dramatic breakups and patch-ups, Hanks and Wilson will make you believe in love again. The best thing about this power couple is the fairytale love between them that continues to grow even after years together! Take a clue Disney.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker of the Sex and The City Fame has been in her fair share of relationship troubles as her on-screen avatar, Carry Bradshaw. But who would have known that the actress would find her real-life Mr. Big right after her fresh breakup with Robert Downey Jr. Parker was introduced to Broderick by her brother who was directing him in a play and the rest is history. Years of marriage and three children later, they are still a shining example of undying celebrity love!

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

There is something about country singers and love, isn’t it? McGraw had asked Faith to perform the opening act for his 1996 tour and that was it. Sparks flew and the couple got hitched the same year. When asked about what had attracted Hill to her hubby the first time they met she said “He felt like home, you know? He felt like a great old T-shirt that you just never want to take off”. If that doesn’t cue a teary-eyed response, you my friend, have a heart of stone!

David and Victoria Beckham

If there is one international power couple who is on everyone’s best couple list, David and Victoria Beckham are it. David Victoria first crossed paths in 1996 when David still played for Manchester United and Victoria was a part of Spice Girls. David had said in his autobiography that she picked him out of a soccer sticker-book and he chose her off television. After marriage and children, the couple has seen it all and stuck by each other through thick and thin.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

It’s no surprise (okay it’s a little clichéd) that Brangelina should feature on the best celebrity couple list. But these two are such that no list is complete without their mention. Admittedly, the couple had a rough start (what with Pitt still being married to Jennifer Aniston) when he met Jolie and took a liking to her. After seven years together, six children, and their own Jolie-Pitt charitable foundation, it seems like Brangelina are the most compatible celebrity duo!

These celebrity couples can give Nicholas Sparks a run for his money and make even the direst of skeptics go “Aww”.

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