The Art of Effective Communication In A Relationship

A good relationship starts with good communication. It is like a lifeline that holds two people together through a mutual bond of understanding. It is also a very critical sign to a healthy and successful relationship.

Unfortunately not every relationship has this. That is why; most of them are seen to suffer from early breakups and incompatibility.

Here are some things about communication that you should be already having in your relationship. If not, then it’s time to read through and practice them in your relationship if you love your partner truly.

  1. Listening

Listening is a vital part of a good communication. However, just like communication, not every relationship can have a good listener. Sometimes, not listening can make you miss out important signs in a message. You might end up saying something that would give out the wrong impression. Feelings are like oxygen that makes a relationship survive. Let it bloom by watering it with the verbal flow of good communication.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy and this applies even in relationships. Before you accuse your partner of being fickle or irresponsible, take a deep breath and think. Have you been completely honest about your feelings? You would know what your answer would be.

There are instances where little lies have often resulted into big lies. Part of this is often the result of hiding out emotions and not sharing it with your partner. In that case, you could be not only hurting your partner but also hurting yourself. Being honest can also turn out to be a huge disappointment and can also hold you in a vulnerable condition. But then again, is it not time to take full responsibility of your actions?

  1. Identify the Non-Verbal Signs

Body languages are also a part of an effective communication. This is where every aspect of the human body comes to play. Meaning, the tone of your voice, the eye contact, the body language…everything is taken into consideration. Noticing the signs can tell you a lot about how to steer your communication effectively. However, to understand your partner’s non-verbal signs may take some time and patience before you can master them up. For example, did you know that lack of any eye contact could possibly mean that your partner might not be interested or is finding it difficult to talk about something?

  1. Avoid Using Certain Words

There are certain words that you need to do away with in your communication with your partner. For instance, ‘you’ is a word that needs to be avoided from being used frequently in a relationship. Not literally though, but then instead of saying something like, “you are not even listening”, it would be better to say, “I am not being clear”.

Poor communication opens the ground for assumptions that might often be incorrect. It can also leave many things unsaid that could leave both of you emotionally detached from one another. But that should not stop you from trying. Effective communication is all about improving your verbal skills.

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