Talking To Your Partner about Safe Sex

No matter how strong and bold you are, you always do not have the courage to talk about sex with your partner. No matter you are having your first sex together or having sex as a parent, you feel really embarrassed to talk about sex with your partner. Whenever you get a chance to hit the bed with your partner all the talk that you want to avoid would be about vaginal rings or colored condoms and contraceptive pills. You do not take the time to talk about safe sex and this mindset among many has led to an increase in the sexually transmitted infection the world over. The thought of practicing safe sex never comes to your mind as you both would love to feel how it is when your private parts really meet. Finally, you might end up becoming pregnant or a victim of sexually transmitted infection.

The following are some of the tips that you need to do to practice safe sex.


The following are some of the responsibilities that you both should take on in order to practice safe sex.
• Visit a clinic where you can be tested for an STI before getting into a sex relationship.
• Make sure that one of you takes responsibility to make condoms available.
• Make sure that both of you are fully aware of the protective methods that will help in preventing unwanted pregnancy or STI transmission.
• Talk about the responsibility and feelings that you have before getting into the sex act.
• Better to avoid situations where safe sex is not possible.

safe sex


If you would like to enjoy good sex with your partner, then it is better for both of you to be honest with each other. You need to talk about the following before indulging in sex.
• Be open with your partner about your personal values, emotions and feelings.
• Talk about the importance of practicing protected and safe sex.
• Be open about your previous relationships and the extent of your earlier relationship.

Sexual History

It is always better to discuss about sexual history with a new partner. Talk and find out if both are seeing other people and if you had any unsafe sex with other partners. This will help you to decide on whether you need to go for unprotected sex or also decide on the type of contraception that you would need.

Pleasure with Safe Sex

There is a general notion that safe sex is boring and is not as pleasurable as having unprotected sex. It is important for you both to have a feeling of being protected when you want to have sex. This will help you to feel more relaxed and enjoy each others company during a safe sex. These days there are various types of condoms that offer different kinds of stimulations during sex to make safe sex more pleasurable for both of you. Taking a little bit of extra caution and opening your mind to safe sex will not just help you to be sexually safe, but will also help you to enjoy safe sex better.

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