Sex Questions Many are Afraid to Ask

Deciding to develop a sexual relationship with whom you are dating can be a fun and interesting experience. Yet, there are times it may be difficult to ask sexual questions without offending the other party. Sometimes you feel like you have the right to ask, especially if things are escalating beyond what you thought in the beginning.

Others feel it is about staying safe without implementing anything else or making their partner feel uncomfortable. The following questions are likely a few that many are too shy to talk about, but in many cases it is okay to bring it up once you figure out how to get past being afraid.

• Is there something else to do to arouse you besides oral sex? (This question may be asked by someone who doesn’t enjoy or engage in the concept.)
• How big are you down there? (While men like to brag about their special part below the belly button, some women have no interest in being with a man who is too “small.”)
• Can we try another sex toy instead of a vibrator? (Yes, there are people who do not like vibrators!)
• How many other sex partners have you had before me? Were any of them better than me?
• Why do you have a bump on your penis? (Is this normal or is something wrong?)
• Can I help my partner’s penis be straight instead of curved; it bothers me during sex.
• Do you think about being with someone else while we have sex? (Do you fantasize having sex with someone else while we have sex?)
• Am I a bad person if I think about having sex with someone else while having sex with my partner?
• Why won’t you perform oral sex on me when I suggest it?
• How do I get out of a sex rut with my partner? (We haven’t had sex in ages.)
• What are fun ways to have sex? What happens when my partner has no interest to do kinky actions in the bedroom?
• Is there a way to get a man to last longer during sex?
• Why do men like to masturbate before or during sex?
• How can I get my partner to give me oral sex?
• Can a person really have too much sex?
• My partner’s penis is small; what can we do to make sex more pleasurable?
• Can I speed up how long it takes me to climax?
• I don’t like having sex “doggy style” as it hurts my rectum. Can I do something to ease the comfort?
• It seems like it hurts more when I have sex. Am I doing something wrong or is it my partner?
• For some reason it seems like it is harder for me to get an orgasm since I started having sex. Is something wrong?
• Is it better to have sex with someone who is married or single?
• I want to have a threesome; how can I convince my partner to be in on it?

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