Is Sex Crucial For Leading a Healthy Marriage?

There are many people who believe that regular sex is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy marriage. Many feel that once the thrill of sex is gone in the life of a couple, then it is difficult for them to stay happy together.

Many marriage therapists and sexologists agree that sex is an important part of maintaining a happy marriage, but it is not the only thing that keeps it going. There are several other factors that are involved in maintaining a healthy relationship between husband and wife apart from sex.

Other Pleasures of Marriage

It is possible to maintain a steady relationship even without sex. Real happiness and lasting joy and pleasure will be maintained if there is genuine and deep emotional connection between the couples. Trust, laughter, respect for one another, adjustability and vulnerability are some of the factors that will help married couples to maintain a healthy relationship. Understanding the needs of one another and having a deep emotional connect, works wonders and can even override physical intimacy at some point of time.

Supplement Sex with Emotional Connection

There is no doubt that sex is the ultimate thing that helps a relationship get going initially.
• Over time you may find that you gradually decrease the sexual intensity, at this stage try to increase the emotional connection with your partner and keep it going over a period of time.
• You may also find that if you have a high level of emotional closeness with your partner your sex drive may increase again as you desire each other more and will have a higher level of intimacy.
• Good sensual communication skill will develop between the two of you that will help in making the marriage last.

Communication is the Key

Sex is an important part and parcel of married life that will feed your relationship emotionally, spiritually and physically. If these three pleasures are not enjoyed when having sex, then there is no doubt that destructive feelings like anger and resentment would erupt between the partners.

If you feel that you would like to enjoy less sex in your relationship, then communicate it with your partner. Both of the partners must be okay with less sex and must be ready to share their values and follow the oneness principle.

May be even discuss why you feel as though your needs are lesser, could be from other things outside of your relationship effecting you.
Overcome Physical Sexual Challenges

A couple will have to be sensually connected and communicative and be ready to think about another definition of sex if they are looking to reduce the physical sexual challenges that they face in their life.

This will help them to develop a trust and intimate bonding that is much better than the physical bonding that they have experienced in the initial phase of the relationship. If this intimate bonding has been developed without sex and the partners do not feel that basic sexual needs need not be fulfilled to make them happy, then this sensual connection and communication has worked.

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