Relationship Advice for Men – from a Woman!

Relationship advice for men – Find out what your girlfriend really needs!

Maintaining a healthy relationship needs a lot of nurturing and looking at the finer details, and there isn’t a lot of relationship advice for men to help you along the way.  Women can be complex but really simple when you know what to look at. Keeping your woman happy has a direct influence on your own happiness.  Here are 10 simple things you have to do to ensure your girlfriend stay happy and love you forever.

  1. Make it easy for her to trust you!

Our first and most important piece of relationship advice for men is that trust is earned by actions not words. If you think that she’ll believe you when you say, “Babe, trust me, come on!” think again.  Reassure trust in your relationship by not looking at other women in a desirable way. Enforce trust by not revealing her secrets or making fun of sensitive stories she has entrusted you with.


  1. Give her space

Believe it or not – Women like some time alone with the girls too! Or a pamper day where she recharges her sexiness and tend to her emotional well-being. Don’t make a big fuss about it when she wants to do her own thing, let her breathe, man!


  1. Communication

Communicating doesn’t mean telling her a two sentence story about your day or half-heartedly asking her about that thing she told you about. Listen and actually hear what she’s saying. Ask follow up questions; give your opinion and caring advice.  It’s okay to not say something about yourself and just listen to her when she speaks.


  1. Don’t have double standards

Ever heard of the saying ‘practice what you preach!”? Exactly! Don’t expect her to do things you ask if you’re not willing to do the same. If she’s not allowed to text her ex or stay out late; neither are you.

relationship advice for men

  1. Be the man she fell in love with

Remember when you did everything in your power to win her over. Special dinner dates, cute text messages and complimenting her every move. Don’t change these things when you’ve won her heart. She fell in love with you and she can fall out of love once she realizes that it was all in act.


  1. Don’t get too comfortable

Nothing is more off putting than a man flaunting every gross habit he has. This includes re-adjusting your package in front of her, burping, farting, eating like a slob and using the toilet with the door open. Boasting about how you took the biggest dump at work is not a recipe for getting lucky. Buy new clothes and underwear, get a haircut and surprise her with a new look.


  1. The more you give, the more you’ll receive

It’s as simple as that! Start washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cooking a nice meal without expecting a ‘thank you!’ You’ll be surprised by the big thanks you’ll get without you even pointing out what you did for her. Tip: pack a healthy lunch box with a love note!


  1. Be spontaneous

Girls get bored too. The same conversation topics, restaurants, friends and sexual routine can be deadening.  Spice things up! Take her somewhere new and unexpected. Especially something that’s in her interests. Be positive and energetic about things she likes and wants to do.


  1. Sober habits

No one likes to take care of a drunk! Smelling like a brewery in the morning is not any girl’s dream (unless she likes smelling like one too).  This include any form of bad addiction – smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol, porn and obsessive PC gaming!


  1. Support her career aspirations

Finally, on our list of relationship advice for men. We live in a new era where women are just as career driven as men. Support her career ambitions. Don’t make her feel like the only thing she can do is making you food and cleaning the house. Respect her choice of occupation.

One last relationship advice for men from a woman: if the end goal isn’t to marry this girl or to stay married all of the above will be too damn difficult to follow. If you’re not willing to adjust and compromise ask yourself if she really is the one.

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