Perfect Relationship

Ahh… the perfect relationship. What more could a single soul want out of life. But finding the perfect relationship can be hard and stressful. So many relationships come and go – how to find the perfect one? In this article we will discuss what makes a relationship perfect, and how you can transform you and your partner into the perfect relationship you’ve always dreamed about.

What makes a perfect relationship?

Here are a couple of things we find are common in every perfect relationship:

Communication: The age old saying “communication is key” isn’t lying. If you can’t talk to your partner and communicate how you’re feeling, sooner or later problems are going to arise. A perfect example is one party in the relationship feeling unloved and taken for granted. The other person may love them dearly, but if they can’t communicate that love, a misunderstanding will arise. This also goes for negative feelings or when you are upset with your partner. Being open and honest is the best way to resolve issues so that you can both move past them with no hostilities. All the most perfect relationships are built on a solid foundation of communication.

perfect relationship

Trust: There needs to be an unspoken, unwavering trust between the two of you. Mistrust between partners breeds insecurities, and insecurities almost always lead to fights. Not only that, but peace of mind in a relationship is also crucial. How can you relax and enjoy each other’s company if you’re too busy worrying about what your partner did last night, or who they spoke to? Relationships are meant to be easy and enjoyable, but without trust they are stressful and harmful. Perfect relationships require 100% trust between both partners to succeed.

Love: This one almost goes without saying, but we need to say it anyway. You cannot build a perfect relationship if you don’t fully love your partner. You don’t always have to like them, but you must always love them. Without love, the whole premise of a perfect relationship falls apart.

Appreciation: We touched on this a little earlier, but appreciation for one another is crucial to a perfect relationship. There is a great saying: Each person in the relationship should feel like they’re putting in 60% of the effort. Make your partner feel appreciated, not only by telling them but by showing them, as actions speak louder than words. Buy her flowers or cook him his favourite dinner. Small gestures go a long way, and the love and appreciation is always reciprocated.

How to get the perfect relationship?

It’s important to start off by saying that the perfect relationship is made perfect by it’s imperfections. We are all humans, we all make mistakes and we all get upset from time to time. The perfect relationship is based on the bond and trust that you have for one another, and your ability to most past the imperfect moments and savour the perfect ones. Here’s how to ensure your relationship is perfect:

Let your partner be themselves: You can’t have a perfect relationship if one or both parties are pretending to be something they’re not. Let him go to a footy night one in a while with his mates. Let her watch reality tv late at night while eating marshmallows and chips. Once you accept and love your partner for who they truly are, you will find peace within yourself and your relationship will flourish.

perfect relationship

Be patient: Spending a lot of time with someone can be draining, and after a while their annoying habits can get on your nerves. Understand that this is a part of every relationship, and if you can’t remove yourself from them for a little while to have some alone time. practice mindfulness and patience. it’s so much more constructive to calmly communicate to your partner why leaving the fridge door open isn’t a good idea instead of yelling at them (even if it is the 5th time they’ve done it!)

Be there for them: Everyone needs someone to be there no matter what, and in a perfect relationship you can always rely on your partner. Make the effort to pick them up from the airport or go with them to a wedding. If they’re upset and they call, drop what you’re doing and go visit them. They will return the favour when it’s due and you will both feel like the other is there no matter what, strengthening you bond and love.

The perfect relationship isn’t easy to find and takes a lot of practice, but it certainly is attainable when you truly love your partner and put effort into the relationship!

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