Love and Attraction: How People Fall for Each Other

love and attractionLove and attraction can happen any time. That’s the mysterious nature of attraction – a thing upon which you seem to have no control of. People can find each other attractive for various reasons. In fact, some of these reasons might not seem mysterious at all if you had known about them. For most of it are visible.

Have you ever wondered what made you fall in love with your partner? Was it his contagious smile? The person who she is? Or was there some kind of similarity between the two of you that sparked the fire right between the two of you? Here is a list of all the possible reasons that you can find if you are trying to understand the mysterious reasons about love and attraction.

The Face

A lot of people find themselves attracted to another person just by looking at the face. While the shape of a face can make little difference in a relationship, there is no denying the fact that there are some facial features that do influence the laws of attraction in love.

Symmetry, smooth and clear skin and youthfulness are some of the things that often attract a person. There are certain specific features like big eyes or large jaws that often tend to appeal some people a lot compared to other features. Besides, did you know that facial features can also be a relevant factor that indicates the genetic compatibility and fitness of a person?

The Body

There are certain features about a body that influence attraction. Men for example, are seen to give high preference to features like the waist or the hip in women. The reason behind this can often be found to have its roots in societal norms. Other than this, the other factirs that determines the specific preferences in a body mass index are –

  • Clothing preferences
  • Trending styles
  • Fitness

The Body Odor

Many of you don’t know this but a body odor can make a person feel love and attraction towards other and attraction

There are people who tend to rate a person based on the nature of his clothing. Sometimes, it is the body odor that continues to keep in a person’s mind for long hours. It can also be a factor of recognition for some. It is said that people with symmetrical faces are seen to have more attractive scents than people come with less symmetrical faces.

The Personality

People can be fun loving, genuine, crazy or even selfish. Majority of the people are found to enjoy being in the company of fun loving people. That’s because of the pleasurable time that you get to enjoy. You often cherish these moments. It is natural for a person to feel love and attraction towards a person when something about their partner makes them feel good about themselves. The personality of a person makes a man that you are.


To many, issues related to trust matters a lot. This allows them a scope to open up – something which a person can find hard to do with everyone. Trust in a person develops through mutual understanding and a reason for a person to go increasingly attractive for another.

Love and attraction really can be based on a number of things!

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