Las Vegas: A City for Every Wedding You Can Imagine

What happens in Vegas doesn’t exactly stay there when the main event is your wedding day, but that’s okay because you’ll want people talking about the great time they had at your matrimonial affair. Las Vegas is known for its weddings, and for good reason. Whether your nuptial dreams are mild or wild, you’re sure to have the wedding of a lifetime in the City of Lights. Here are four popular Vegas weddings (and of course you can customize yours any way you’d like).

Chapel Weddings
A chapel wedding is normally traditional, but in Vegas, anything goes. There are many famous chapels to choose from, and you may choose to be married amongst a picturesque or themed backdrop. A traditional chapel is probably the way to go if you’re looking to have an elegant affair with more than just your witnesses by your side. Traditional chapels normally seat about 40 to 50 guests. On the other hand, if your wedding is more like an impromptu elopement, you may prefer something a little more casual. In this case, a gazebo wedding may be more apropros.

Elvis Weddings
If you’re looking for a “Love Me Tender” kind of experience, an Elvis wedding is for you, and there’s no better place to get hitched by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, or a King impersonator, than Las Vegas. But if you’re thinking that this type of wedding is passé, think again. Celebs like Billy Ray Cyrus, Bon Jovi and one member of KISS have all been married at an Elvis-themed chapel. Just like at a standard chapel wedding, you’ll be able to add on the standard wedding conveniences, such as flowers, a limo service and photography, but you may also add fun things like costumes, sunglasses and Elvis t-shirts.

Vow Renewals
Las Vegas is often the first choice for vow renewal ceremonies because it offers a chance for the couple to express their love and renew their commitment in a way that is easy, fun, and oftentimes casual. For your renewal service, you can choose a standard chapel wedding or you can have a little more fun and opt for the Elvis-themed service. Just like a first wedding, your vow renewal ceremony should reflect who you are as a couple. If you and your special someone are avid gamblers, a casino or poker-themed event may be appropriate. If you’re swing dancers, a 20s theme would work well to reflect your personality. Vow renewals in Vegas are generally very easy with a simplified process. There’s no need to get a new marriage license and you often do not even have to present your current license. Think of it more like a public, or private, display of your affection for one another.

Gay Weddings
As of today, Nevada recognizes civil unions and domestic partnerships, which afford couples some of the rights of a married couple. The ceremonies are very similar, though, so there’s no reason to hold back. Have a chapel, Elvis-themed or gazebo wedding; it’s all up to you. Not every chapel offers a gay wedding commitment ceremony though, so be sure to call in advance before you make your travel plans. Mon Bel Ami is one of the few chapels that do offer this service for its patrons, and there are many packages to choose from.

When you’re opting for a destination wedding, you have many choices. None are as fun and diverse as a Las Vegas wedding, though. And although your wedding day will likely not “stay in Vegas,” it will be one memory from the City of Sin that you will want to cherish forever. You can be sure that your guests will too!

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