How You Know When To Call Off Your Relationship?

If you have been trying hard for years to save your marriage, it is the time to call it off. Or is it? There are certain signs that tell you that you should not be there anymore and have tried hard enough.

If you are not sure when to call it off or whether you are in a bad position is to talk with a third person. It could be your best friend whom you tell everything. You can also take help from a counsellor on the thing. The person may sit down with both of you and talk. The person you talk to should have a clear understanding of the situation and also need to make you guys understand the real situation. Such a person will be able to give a neutral view of the situation. He/she will be able to point at your mistakes and will be able to suggest what to do to save your relationship.

Remember, separation does not always necessarily ends in divorce, but many times in reconciliation. You may realize the hardships you may face while living apart and will thus, be able to come close to each other and start fresh.

If the marriage put aside your goals that you have set for yourself, it is time that you think of moving out of it and achieve those for the betterment of your lives. However, in the beginning you should try to talk and make things clear to you partner. You should try and involve your partner in your dreams and achievements.

If your partner isolates you from your family and friends, he is not a good person to live the life with. You might love him the most, but still he is not the only person in your life. You have your friends and your family members, with whom you need to, connect. So, this kind of attitude in a relationship is bad and damaging.

If your partner interferes with everything you do, and try to limit what you are allowed to do for entertainment, it is high time you seek advice of a counsellor. You should make your partner understand that you are feeling stuffed and irritated with his behavior. If still he/she does not understand, move on. You should also need to stop nagging about your desires and needs and your partner need to do the same too. You should never give in to his/her weird fancies and demands and make excuses for your spouse’s behavior in public. You will not be able to live with all these problems forever and this should be enough reason for you to call off the marriage.

If you have analyzed all the reasons and options to save your marriage, if you still think that divorce should be the only good option, you should go ahead and file a divorce case. However, you should make it a point to take the help and guidance of a reliable and experienced divorce lawyer. This would help you to stay out of legal hassles involved with marriages.

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