How to Rebuild An Old Relationship With Your Ex Boyfriend When It Feels Broken

It is often said that old is gold. The same proverb can be and is often true with the case of relationships. If you happened to have a break up with your boyfriend or he dumped you and moved ahead – possibly with another girl – don’t worry. Here we are with six helpful tips to get your ex boyfriend back from his new girlfriend:

Go for a quick SWOT analysis.

It helps you to introspect within and find reasons why and where did things go wrong. If you had a breakup there must have been a reason for it. Sit alone in a closed room or go for a walk and think of all possible reasons that might have lead to breakup. Write them down to get them out of your head so you don’t have to dwell on the ideas. Think of moments when your ex behaved abruptly. You will find the reason for that and keep in mind that you never repeat it again.

You had a ex-boyfriend means that he fell for you sometime.

Try to be the same person he fell in love with. You might not have realized that you have changed, and that change might be the reason your boyfriend moved away. Try things he liked: could be anything like an outfit, an attitude that didn’t comply with his every request, or a fuller calendar schedule etc. But keep in mind that you don’t over attempt anything or show desperation. In this way you can use your past as a tool to remind him some good moments shared with you.

Choose your words very carefully.

It is said that most of breakup happen because of misunderstanding and misunderstanding arise due to improper communication. You need to use right words to express your feelings and admire his qualities. Words if mixed up or misunderstood can change the context and can put your long-term relationship in danger. Clarify in case you did not understand a situation or its context but don’t extrapolate a situation on your own. Give him the benefit of the doubt is an idea that empowers you to build a relationship when you feel panic come over you.

Start with things of common interest

and don’t talk something serious at firsthand. Leave serious discussion for some other time. Try to gauge if he is still interested in you. Ask for a drink or go with his friends on an outing and try to engage with him and let him know that you still care for him. Share some of the great things you’ve been doing in your life without coming across as pompous.

A simple smile can do wonders!

Yes you read it right. Pass on a smile every time you pass by him but remember don’t constantly gauge him. Make eye contact as many times as possible and don’t shy away when he is looking at you. Apology is also a simple tool often ignored because of ego. Don’t let your ego come between and apologize for your mistakes, if any.

If you are considering getting back together

with your ex, anytime soon, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to “hook up” with somebody else and letting him or her find out about it. This will make them think that you are somewhat easy now, and makes them think if they get back with you, that you’re just going to sleep around with about anybody, even though you wouldn’t do such a thing.

Sometimes it can be easier to get back into an relationship as you have connections, experiences, and emotions shared. It can still take effort though and requires healing of wounds as well as growth to not repeat the same mistakes. Follow these 6 tips and you will have a better chance at getting your ex boyfriend back from his new girlfriend.

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