How To Meet People Using Omegle

Omegle used to be one of the best online platforms to meet people because back in the days there wasn’t that many online video chat sites compared to today, now there are many of these kind of sites.

Meeting people on Omegle has hardly lately mainly due to an increase of bots that automatically post kik usernames, they try to lure men into live webcam chats and scams that men need to be aware of.

Despite those bots, there are still many real people that are using Omegle to meet people and in this article I will provide tips on how to meet people and how to increase your chances of finding someone to be in a relationship with.

Omegle has two options, one is text based and the other is video based. If you have a webcam, then you can go to the video based chat. Please be reminded that If you go to the video based chat with no webcam installed, it will tell you that there is an error and will not allow you to continue to chat. If you have not enabled your webcam it will also give you an error

On the main page of Omegle, you will see it says “Video is monitored. Keep it clean” with 2 links below that, do not click the “adult” link, as this will re-direct you to a site called Camegle which will show adult content, and Omegle will take commission if you sign up. The other link is the “unmoderated section”, don’t click this too, as 80% you will see people doing very naughty things.

There is also a section called “College student chat” so if you are really a college student and would like to chat with another person who also goes to college, you can do that by inputting your college email (one with .edu or .ac). The good thing about this is that the people you talk to will be the near the same age group as you.

“Food” and why this is the best topic to talk about.

There is also a “What do you wanna talk about?” feature, this allows you to type in a word that you want to talk about with the stranger and it will also match up with someone who want to talk about the same topic. This is actually the best feature of Omegle, because it allows both of you to discuss about the topic at first just to get to know a bit more about each other and then you can move on from there.

Food is a primary need that most people talk about regularly. It is a simple topic that men and women will be happy to discuss therefore we suggest you type this word to increase your chances of finding someone good to talk to.

Here are some good questions you can ask that will keep the conversation flowing.

  • What is your favourite food?
  • Have you had breakfast/lunch/dinner yet?
  • What did you eat today?
  • Favourite fast food restaurant?
  • What cuisine do you like the best?

If you don’t want to discuss about food, you can leave it blank.

If you do manage to access this page, the video you see on Omegle are actually not live, but recorded video’s to lure men into signing up for Camegle (this site is legit if you do plan to sign up and there are real girls inside, however we won’t discuss about it in this article).

Meeting people with a webcam

If you have a good webcam, we can then start to talk about the video based option on Omegle. You click the blue video button which will take you to the video chat page where it will automatically find a stranger that has a webcam, but before you click that button, it is always best to prepare yourself. Remember that the stranger will also see your webcam too, so you need to at least give a good impression by dressing up nicely and show a background that is clean with enough lighting. When I say dressing up nicely, it doesn’t mean you have to put on the most expensive suit that you have or the most expressive designer dress (if you are a woman). The idea is to at least look appealing so the stranger will continue to talk with you. Some people’s webcams have bad resolution and it is ideal to get a decent webcam for Omegle, we recommend at least a HD webcam. If you don’t have a webcam, we recommend you getting the “Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam with Privacy Shutter”, the privacy shutter is very good as you can close the shutter when you are not using the webcam, so if somehow you have hackers that have access to your webcam, they will not be able to see anything.

Sometimes you will see ads shown on people’s cams that try and lure you to their webcam site, you can ignore this and press stop, this will find you a new stranger. The advantages of using the video chat is that you can see the person who you are talking to, with the text chat, you don’t know what they look like until you talk further with them and make them send you their photos.

Meeting people using text based

The text based option is the most common option people tend to choose, why? because some people do not have a webcam, too shy to use it or they don’t want to use it. If you want to meet someone using Omegle then I would advise you to use text based first.

Text based chat will sometimes show bots as mentioned earlier in the article, you just have to keep skipping until you find an actual real human. There are people all over the world that use Omegle, you just have to be patient and keep clicking the stop button to find the right person to talk to.

How to start a good conversation with someone?

To start a good conversation with someone, it is best to first introduce yourself, just tell them your name and where your from and then find out more about them by asking their age. Once you have their gender and age, you can then consider whether to continue talking to them. If you are after a relationship with them and you are 24 years of age but they tell you they are 35, maybe age will matter to you and you will then have to leave and find someone else. If age is not a problem to you or you would like to just make new friends, then there is no need to disconnect.

The age guessing game is also a good way to get the conversation going, just ask them to guess your age so they will have a bit of fun while talking to you. There are also many topics to discuss and if you read our other articles we have provided lots of tips on what topics to talk about and how to use these topics to have a good conversation with someone that could lead to a relationship.

Remember to be polite to them and ask reasonable questions, if you say something wrong or something that the stranger may not like, then they will most likely disconnect and you won’t be able to find the stranger back. If you have other tips you would like to share with everyone, then feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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