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The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year that she can remember for the rest of her life is to propose to her. Since this is one of the most romantic days of the year, you will have to find the best way to make it extra special and a lot more enjoyable for both of you.

Below are some of these helpful tips when you are planning to propose on Valentine’s Day and how you can celebrate it¬†together that you both can remember all throughout your life.

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At the restaurant

First of all, let the manager of the restaurant know on what you’re about to do. Once they know, they will surely help you and ensure that the evening may go perfectly for you. In some restaurants, they provide some helpful insights on how you can do this so she will say yes when you pop the question. Others may even provide a cake to match the special day.

Using candies

One way to propose to her in Valentine’s Day is by using candies. For instance, you may replace one of the candies inside the heart-shaped box with the ring all wrapped in a paper. Or you can just take all of the candies that say “Marry me” out of the big box and give it to her. Just be sure that when you present the ring, you get down on one knee while giving it to her.

On the radio

If your partner has a favorite radio station that she always listens to, then call the radio station and ask the announcer if you can propose to your girlfriend while on the air. Honestly to get this done successfully, you may need to buy the air time so you will have lots of time to make it happen.

Just a surprise

What if you’re not a romantic type? If you’re not then your girlfriend will surely know when you want to have a special romantic dinner with her. So what you can do is find a way on how you can present the question to her. For instance you may want to ask the waiter and ask them if they can include the engagement ring and tied it into the menu. There are a lot of ways on how you can make this act a surprise. And once she sees the ring, be sure to ask the question while you’re on your one knee.

Another simple idea that may surprise her is by including the act to her usual routine. For instance if she loves novels, get one of those that she already finished reading, get to the centre page and glue the pages together except for a tiny hole just enough for the ring to fit in. Then leave it on the table or on the pillow.

At the Theatre

Is visiting the theatre one of your hobbies as a couple? The answer is yes then this can be a special place for you to propose to her. Ask someone from the theatre if they will allow a proposal on stage. In some situations, you may even get the manager as well as the actors to help you out. You may even ask them for some ideas to get this done successfully. Or you can just buy an ad space for that evening and just include your name, her name and a big question “Marry Me”! Just be sure that she will see it.

Giving her favorite flowers

Visit the nearby florist and make arrangements of her favorite flower and ask them if they can tie the engagement ring within the bouquet or you can just do it yourself. When you present your flowers to her, tell her to find the ring inside.

There are a lot of ways on how you can make a wedding proposal to be perfect for your partner. And by doing it during a Valentine’s Day with her can make it even more special. So good luck!

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