How to Give An Effective Apology

Being a human, we’re bound to commit mistakes every now and then. The last thing that we want to do especially nowadays is to take all the responsibility for the wrong actions that we’ve done. Now let me ask you, when was the last time you really felt good when apologizing to someone that you’ve done something bad?

Will you argue more about the issue to him or her or rather accept the mistake, apologize and move on?

I know some people who would do everything to make sure that they’re right where in fact they have committed something terrible. This is absolutely ridiculous when you can give an apology and move on from it. Also, apologizing is one of the easiest ways to handle any problems even the biggest one.

apologyWill you let your relationship suffer just because you’re too afraid to make an apology? Please don’t!

In this article you’ll learn exactly how to give an effective apology and the easiest way to do it.

If you recently made a terrible mistake within your relationship, hurt the feelings of your partner or said something below the belt; stick with me as what I’m about to tell you will make these wrong doings change in a bit.

What are the things to keep in mind when delivering an effective apology?

The following are the most important factors when making an apology:

1.)    Always admit and accept your faults.

Admitting that you made a mistake is the first step and once you accepted your faults, making an effective apology will be a whole lot easier.

2.)    Make sure you take all the responsibility of the wrongful act.

If you make yourself responsible of the problem, your partner may see that you’re sincere with your apology. It can really help a lot in forgiving you.

3.)    Find a way on how you can rebuild trust that was broken.

Always find a way on how you can make things better so the whole mess will never happen again. Seeking for positive ways is important because it can help your relationship grow and more mature.

What you must avoid;

    1. Giving excuses and putting emphasis on who’s right and wrong.
    2. Making an apology right after the dispute.
    3. Expecting forgiveness right away.
    4. Asking them to make an apology as well.

Also, you must never apologize using the word BUT, like “I’m so sorry, BUT…” This is the common mistake most people do when apologizing. The reason for this is that you’re just trying to be right while you make the other person feel better, which is completely wrong.

How to deliver an effective apology?

1.)    Always make an eye contact.

When giving an apology, make sure you make an eye contact when you start talking. This is crucial so your partner will feel that you’re sincere with your apologies.

As much as possible, let your eyes do the talking. At times, the most effective apology contains very little words.

2.)    Admit the wrong acts and accept your flaws.

Try to step in their shoes and know how they feel at the moment so you may understand them well. You must also admit that you made a mistake that caused your partner’s pain and grief.

In this instance, you may say…

“I know you feel disappointed at me right now…”

3.)    Be responsible with what you’ve done.

Try this…

“I feel extremely bad with what I’ve done because I know I’ve caused much trouble to you and by that you feel disappointed with me.”

You must admit the mistake when talking to your partner and mention how you feel as well about that.

4.)    Find ways to rebuild the trust and make the healing a lot faster.

Right after you deliver your apology, make sure to find a way on how you can make the healing faster and rebuild the trust that was broken with the conflict. This simply means that you must have something in your mind on how you can make your partner feel better.

With that in mind, you may say…

“What can I do to make up for my mistakes and make you feel better?”


“I can see that you’re still upset with me right now, so I’ll give you some space to think.”

Giving an effective apology isn’t that hard. Just follow the guides above and surely you will have a relief of a lifetime.

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