How to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend?

When you say jealousy, it’s like a group of feelings that get lumped together. Many considered it as among the most painful and destructive feelings in a relationship. It usually occurs when a person loses the power of control within a relationship. In moderation, it can be sweet sometimes for a couple but when it happens too often, it can literally destroy the relationship. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to deal with a jealous girlfriend and stay happy in a relationship.

Maybe you’re now in a relationship with someone and you were together for a long time now. You’re in love with her so much however there’s a problem, she’s very jealous most of the time and ends up fighting a lot. So in this case you have to deal with it since you’re in love with her and you don’t want to leave her.


However she’s way over reacting when it comes to; when she caught you looking or talking to other girls, going out with the boys or even checking your cell phone every now and then to see if you’re texting someone. Apart from that, she acts suspicious and makes lots of teasing and accusations to you which have no basis at all. Then you reach the point and say this is enough, but still you made the decision that you will make all the sacrifices to understand your girlfriend and in the end make her stop. But before you can do that, you must try to find answers as to how to deal with a jealous girlfriend.

Jealousy is just a normal emotion for any human being to feel and there are a lot of reasons why we feel it. It usually comes from insecurity. It can be like she feels afraid that you will find another girl and all of sudden you may like the new girl more than you like your girlfriend. And for this reason, don’t give her signs that may trigger her jealous personality. You can do this by avoiding to meet girls when you’re with her, by including your girlfriend in your future plans, by not comparing her to other girls you know and most importantly, don’t make best friends with girls. If at the moment you have a female best friend and don’t want to lose any of them, make sure you meet them and make them friends as well.

How to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend?

Whatever the reasons behind why your girlfriend feels jealous, you must try to understand her as a person. For instance, she can’t accept the fact that you had your first girlfriend before her and you stayed together more than with her and broken up because your first girlfriend betrayed you. And now your present girlfriend can’t stand the fact that it was over and she’s jealous on your first girlfriend continuously even at the present. What you can do in this situation and how to deal with a jealous girlfriend is explain to her that everything was in the past now and that we all have our own past memories that we have to accept and move on. Also, make an assurance to her that she’s the only one for you and like to spend the rest of your life with.

Maybe for many of us are a bit jealous when they have a relationship for quite some time and loved them. How will you react when you know that your girlfriend is talking to someone at work or at school and goes home only to talk about them, will you be jealous? And also, you find that people surrounding her can’t be trusted and you don’t like them at all and you ended up getting jealous too. How you can deal with it? Jealousy is sometimes healthy when you find that there’s a little of it in your pocket, but when too much just as in her case, she will need help to get over the feeling with your guidance.

Communication is one of the best ways to deal with jealousy. Talk to her sincerely and tell her everything about how you feel. Always be faithful to your girlfriend and explain that a relationship is about trust and that you’re going to be serious and sincere to her at all times. Talk to her in a calm manner and be sincere with the words you’re saying, also remind her that she needs to check her self-esteem because it’s breaking you apart. An honest communication and a sincere exchange of feelings will surely solve the problem.

Jealousy with its destructive strength to any relationships will surely cause a break up to any couples because the other partner is being pushed away with each arguments and fights they make. At some point, the one who’s being pushed back and being accused every time will have enough and leave the relationship. However, when you do love her that much and want to continue the relationship with her, try to make an agreement with her to stop the arguments simply because of jealousy. That you won’t give any signs for her to be jealous and she will try to stop calling you every minute of the day. And this is how to deal with a jealous girlfriend.

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