How to Be Honest in a Relationship

There’s a time in our life that we get upset with our partners for some reasons. We can’t avoid it since there’s no perfect relationship. When we are asked why we got upset and if we told them, most of the time our answer is no.

Why can’t we be honest to them and to ourselves? How to be honest in a relationship? Sometimes we intend not to tell our partners that we are upset on a particular situation simply because of the following reasons;


  1. We do not like to cause waves in our relationships.
  2. Most of us believe that the UPSET is justified.
  3. We feel that the reason behind for us getting upset is just ours to solve.
  4. Because of our pride that we do not want to feel being small or appear petty to them.
  5. We believe that our respective partners won’t change anyway so we don’t want to talk about it and just let it go.

So what will happen if we are not honest to them? What are the effects if we don’t want to learn how to be honest in a relationship?

If we are not honest with our own partners, frustrations and disappointments will pop up. This can lead to uncontrolled behaviors like making comments that can hurt your partner. Then we become resentful and all of a sudden we just blow up. These are all because we didn’t talk a thing to them what’s bothering us from the start.

Have you experienced this, being frustrated with your partner or even yourself? What are the effects and the consequences? At this moment, do you have that frustration in yourself? If yes, in what way does it affect you?

What’s the purpose of being honest in the first place? How to be honest in a relationship?

Sometimes we may tell the truth to our partners in order for them to change but it’s not advisable at this point. This is maybe our goal but most of the time there’s a benefit in just telling the truth to our partner – the truth that we’re having a hard time with something.

Being in a situation like this is not easy to go through so it‘s still advisable to learn how to be honest in a relationship. And also it is important to talk with our partners the things that we’re experiencing so both will deal with it. Rather than taking the whole thing alone.

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