How Important Trust in a Relationship?

Trust is so easy to lose but very hard to earn. Without “TRUST” any relationship will just fall apart.

Trust by no means is a given in any relationship.It is earned over time, through listening to what your partner is saying, not just hearing them and also telling the truth to one another. At times however the facts can be really hard to hear OR say. As soon as this happens in a relationship, trust usually ends up being damaged or broken and must be fixed as soon as possible to save the relationship. Mastering how you can rebuild trust is a skill that you must learn.

What are the reasons that we have to rebuild trust in a relationship?

Having a close and healthy relationship is one of the prime answers.

Folks who are in healthy and close relationships live much longer and enjoy much better health. It is because those who are in healthy relationships support each other on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. They are there for each other in times of need and provide provide comfort to each other. These people, according to studies enjoy a much happier and satisfied life together compared to those who are too busy for their partners.

Getting a close and happy relationship also provides lots of tangible benefits. One of these is pooling their resources, working toward common goals together. As a team they can achieve much better things as a team.

Additionally, those who are in healthy relationships are receiving more social support from friends and family. This allows folks to handle life’s issues more efficiently just by knowing that someone cares for them and can give them advice when in need.

And lastly, by finding someone special to share your life makes it more enjoyable. You can create joint memories, share adventures or even just enjoy life’s little things like watching a movie together or walking the dog on the beach. It makes life lot more entertaining to live.

How can you tell if you are not in a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is built on trust. Unfortunately not all of us are in such a relationship. If the trust was lost along the way, there may be a way to rebuild it. Although very hard.

In some instances however your relationship was not healthy to start with. In cases like that, I recommend cut your losses and move onto a more fulfilling relationship. This may even start rebuilding the relationship you have with yourself.

Unhealthy relationships are those where you find that no matter what you do, you are not given trust. Some partners can be very jealous of past relationships especially if you have children that you still care for. If your partner can’t deal with your past to build a future together you have a problem. Your past is your past, you can’t change it.

If your partner is possessive, you are not in a healthy relationship. If you are possessive, you are not in a healthy relationship. Look at this closer? Where is this coming from? Is it your insecurity? Is it your partner’s? Can you help each other to work through this?

Are you being questioned all the time about what you do, who you do it with and why? This is due to the lack of trust. If you have given a reason not to be trusted, you will have a long way to build it back up. If there is no reason for this behavior find out where your partner’s insecurity is coming from. What can you do to help it in a positive manner?

A happy and healthy relationship can make your life so much more enjoyable, aim to get one and put the effort in to maintain it!

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