How Hollywood Got Relationships All Wrong

Hollywood is often the place you turn to when things go downhill and we crave that warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts. It is a great escape from reality but if you ever sit down to analyze the implication several improbable plots, unlikely happy endings, and tacky philosophy you will reach a harsh conclusion.

If you are one of those people who get teary-eyed every time the well-to-do handsome protagonist realizes his love for the clumsy, awkward secretary, you are looking at relationships all wrong. The truth is that Hollywood lies about a great many things and love is one of them.

In the process of creating fluff love stories, it creates unrealistic notions of love and tenderness. Here are some examples of fanciful delusions propagated by movies that prove that when it comes to love, Hollywood is the last place you should look!

Stalkers Are Oh-So-Romantic

Hollywood has always managed to make brooding strangers who relentlessly stalk their romantic interests, look desirable and hopelessly romantic. There is the hot neighbor who breaks into your room at night to watch you sleep. Not to mention, the man who hears a woman on the radio that one time only to track her whereabouts across the country. Hollywood seems to think that not only are legitimate ways to woo someone, they also lead to long-lasting relationships.

The fact that these actions are clearly the result of an unbalanced mind is often conveniently left out. Regardless, if you are ever to find yourself in a dark alley with a handsome stranger trailing your moves, scream for help!

The Damsel in Distress Is Every Man’s Dream

Do you stumble often and are wildly incompetent in your daily job? Do you routinely brush against your boss and send your cup of coffee flying his way? Do you often spill papers all over the floor or fall down a lot? Congratulations! You are stunningly adorable and every man desires you! According to Hollywood, that is.

Be it Bridget Jones or Twilight, Hollywood has never failed to prove that saying clumsy awkwardness is desirable and women who are pulled together are downright bitchy.

The damsel has to be saved and who better than the robust manly dude? In reality, however, superheroes cannot always be counted upon. You need to save yourself, sister.

Love Comes To You in a Dramatic Epiphany

Of the many things that Hollywood has got wrong about romantic relationships, a ridiculous one is the sudden realization of love. Try Clueless on for size. The beautiful process of falling in love and cherishing the companionship of a person is often disregarded and what is given more attention is the haloed epiphany that love has arrived.

In real life, love comes slowly and does not require immediate action. It is not necessary to bust up an important meeting to profess your hopeless romance. You do not have to be chased through the airport for the declaration of real love. Think twice before running after a chick with airport security chasing you!

Anyone who has ever been in a real relationship can see past the farce. Don’t let Hollywood spell out the “ideal” relationship for you.

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