How Can I Get Him To Love Me Again

loveWe all know that break up is hard to go through. To make matters worse, we all feel the negative feelings all at the same time. Loneliness, anger, hurt as well as confusion are all part of this mixed emotion. You may have a hard time making right decisions for yourself and you feel like you’re all alone because of this. But after a while, even if how much you hate your ex boyfriend because of all the terrible things he did to you, you start missing him. You start asking yourself, “How can I get him to love me again?”

First, relax yourself a bit. It’s completely normal to keep asking this type of question and it’s possible to work things out. But, you must know that it’s not going to be easy and it will require lots of work on your part.

You must first clear your mind from all the heartaches and focus yourself on how you can get him to love you again. Cutting all the contacts from him is one way to do this. This simply means that there will be no phone calls, text messages, emails or even visiting his facebook or twitter profile. It can really help you in getting yourself up to a normal state of mind and prevent yourself from pushing him away from you.

Break ups can really affect in all directions of your life. Your way of thinking is off and even you get to a point of extreme, thinking of losing your life. Don’t be!

How can he love you if you’re totally wasted and not thinking straight? Sure you really miss your boyfriend so much but how do you stand a chance of winning him back if you’re not a well adjusted person. At the end of the day, if you’re given a chance to pick someone to be with for the rest of your life, who would you pick; a person who’s a total mess or a person who has his act together.

So why not go out there, away from the four corners of your room and enjoy the life that you have been missing lately. Treat yourself by visiting a spa or visiting places that you have been planning for a very long time. Take good care of yourself both mentally and physically.

After some time with no contact with your ex and you’re sure to yourself that he had the time off in evaluating what happened between the two of you, then it’s time to start getting in touch with him. At this point, you may still be asking yourself how can I get him to love me again, that’s alright. Set up a place where the two of you can meet personally and do this in a public place. Keep in mind that this isn’t a date; it’s just a chance for both of you to talk about the break up and how to fix things right this time. Be respectful to him and always stay calm when talking. Never reach a point that you’re about to argue because it will just make matters worse. Be honest and stay positive with yourself throughout the meeting.

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