Get Your Ex Back After Infidelity

It is unfortunate if you are in the sect of people that has to face a cheating partner or be the one in the relationship who has cheated. Dealing with infidelity is a terrible burden on any relationship and in many cases for many people, it is a deal breaker. Though for a select few, it is just another hurdle to overcome on the journey that a couple takes together.

If you are seeking to get your ex girlfriend or wife back after an tumultuous episode of adultery, there are special steps to take in order to be successful in regaining a relationship.

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First of all there needs to be a sincere apology, straight from the heart. But once is enough, afterwards there is no need to continue to bring it up. The key here is how much you mean in, not how how many times you can say you’re sorry.

Then you must agree to the break up and back off. You’ll enter a period of intentional No Contact as a rule and this should continue for 30 days. That entails no communication whatsoever, by any means for a month. It may seem that this is for your ex girlfriend’s sake, but it is mostly for yours. You are in no state of mind to be interacting with your ex at this point.

This period of abstinence is the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and grow and strengthen your personal character. Can you picture the man that you want to be for the woman in your life? That is what you should strive to become. Nobody is perfect, but the further we move away from unhealthy habits and behaviors, the closer we get to idealism.

 A wise man once said, “Insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Einstein

If you want to be a heavy man, eat to the breaking point and drink a plethora of beer. But if you want to be healthy don’t continue old habits and expect to reach your goal. The same goes for all things that we strive for as humans. A job promotion, washboard abs and the woman of your dreams, to name a few.

Surround yourself with friends and family and allow them to be a strong support group for you. In some cases dating other people may be a advised, but NOT in this case. Under the circumstances of cheating, you don’t want to risk her believing that you are with anyone else. You are building back trust and therefore, must not dally in the throes of another’s company.

Not only do you need to be the change in your relationship in order to show your ex girlfriend you are serious, you are building the foundation for round two. You don’t want to be heading for a wall before your feet even hit the ground running. 12 Steps: Infidelity To Rekindlement.

Cheating evokes massive layers of pain, hence the need for patience. Much healing needs to take place before you can take the wheel again and even then the healing continues. In fact, the healing will progress throughout your entire life together. Infidelity is not easily forgotten, the most that you can ask for is forgiveness and another chance. So be patient.

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