Flirting Tips – The Brain’s Biggest Game

Sexual relationships start with flirting. Remember the time early in your relationship when you have started with all kinds of sexual tension? Start again.

According to Science, the human brain is the center of all thoughts and emotions. It is the operating center for the development of a complex network of neuroendocrine and neurotransmitters like hormones, chemicals and nerves that are responsible for the arousal of a sexual response or desire. This makes us feel happy.

Here are some helpful tips to take your relationship to a new level. They are fun and they are easy. So get yourself reading about them right away –

Introduce some Silliness

Every relationship at some point tends to get serious. There is a time and place for being serious, but you cannot be in that state all the time. It gets weary and turns your relationship into hard work. When you find yourself or your partner getting too serious bring some light into the moment. Depending on where you are at, pillow fights, water fights, tickling or anything spontaneously silly can work to break the seriousness and refreshes the moment for both of you. This can help you enjoy a happy and healthy relationship.

Thoughtfulness shows that you Care

Thoughtfulness in a relationship can go a long way, especially if you put a hint of sexy in showing you care. It can be as simple as sending a text message to say ‘thinking of you’ or ‘what you are wearing?’ or turning up to your partner’s work to take him/her out for a drink, prepping up a romantic dinner or send her some flowers.

Your partner will appreciate the simple fact that you care about him or her. This is something that will take a relationship to a whole new level.

A Little Bit of Touch Works like Magic

It’s true that a little bit of touch can work like magic. So go ahead and touch each other in a flirty way. Find excuses to touch your partner. Small kisses on the neck, or a small hug as your partner does some mundane task, or cuddle up while watching TV. They will love you for it, especially if you can make them feel sexy even on bad hair day.

Wear Something Special

Wear something special occasionally. It can be something as simple as her favourite aftershave, or his favourite lingerie. Even better if you plan something special to follow your surprise through with. Your partner will love every minute of your surprise.

Try Snuggling Each Other

Physical touch in the most affectionate manner can feel comfortable and cozy. Snuggle is one of that. There are many ways to snuggling. If you want to spice things up then try snuggling your partner at odd times. These are the special surprises that will keep your partner always on his or her toes.

Flirting is sexy and fun. It releases a kind of dopamine that is needed to keep a relationship healthy and going always.

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