Doubts About Breaking Up?

Should I break up with my partner? Am I doing the right thing? Or am I on the wrong track. What if my partner gets hurt so badly after the break up? What if I can’t live normally if I make this decision? Can I recover from it and should I break up with my partner? I’m having so many doubts about the reasons and I’m confused right now. What should I do? Is breaking up the right thing to do?

break up

If you are at a stage in your relationship where you are considering break up, you will have to do some soul searching and a relationship check up. However, doubts are sometimes overwhelming. They can distract the judgments we make and confuse the way we think. This can make life more difficult. How can you overcome this?

The very first thing you can do is to give  your mind a little rest. A stressful mind usually loses focus. Try to relax and let go of the doubts and start your examination.

It is always best to start with yourself. If you look at your partner first you may find yourself in a blame game.

Let’s look at what is happening in your life? Are there some external stresses that may create the feeling of wanting to break up? Let’s also go back to the beginning, what was it that attracted to you to your partner in the first instance? Was the relationship built on strong foundations? If not than is it something you should discover on trying to build now? Did you have things in common? Are they still in place now? If not, should you re-discover these? Is trust an issue? Are there things that you found cute at the beginning but now they just drive you insane? Have you communicated these?

A lot of the times communication break down is the first sign of a relationship. Unfortunately we actually don’t notice this generally. All we notice is that our partner is starting to drive us nuts! Why is that? It is because when they did something that we didn’t really like, we didn’t tell them, we let it slide. And then they did it again and again, and it started becoming irritating. Communication is the key to any relationship. Unfortunately if it is broken down it can mean that one or even both partners may have already logged out of a relationship. It will take some effort to get you back on track from here, but it is doable if both parties are committed.

How is your sex life? If this has slipped over time, that is not a good sign. Humans love intimacy of any form. If we don’t get it home, we tend to look else where… has this already happened?

Are you unhappy with your life, your life together or the relationship? Again you could work on this together. You may find that your partner is having the same sort of thoughts.

If the answers are still negative, and you both feel the relationship cannot be saved, then make the move. Breaking up is hard, but can be for the better.


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