Do You Really Want to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Think Again

Ex BoyfriendBefore you can start thinking the ways on how you can get your ex boyfriend back, try to ask yourself first this question, “Why do I want him back?” Pretty sure you’ll say that you love him so much, and I bet you do, however are you really sure this is the primary reason why you want him back so badly? I know you have gone through a pretty rough situation after the break up happened and it is just normal to be in a situation to get back at anything we used to have. This can be the main reason to all of this but still, it’s not a good one to consider.

It is important for you to be completely honest when it comes to the reasons why you want him back and also when you evaluate if it’s really a good thing to be with him again; if it is healthy for you and your partner to try the relationship one more time. So I guess the question now would be, are you really sure you can get back with him at all?

If there’s some type of abuse that happened before; physical, verbal, emotional or sexual, you must not get back with him in anyway. I’m sure that he will make promises that he will change but trust me, he will not.

If for instance he’s been in a therapy and have shown some signs of commitment to change then maybe you might reconsider your decision. But always remember that both of you fell into a certain type of dynamics when you’re still together and you will fall back into same situation again when you get back with him.

When both of you decided to try the relationship one more time then the following are some tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

1.) The very first thing that you must do is get in touch with him and try to see if he’s even open to the whole idea of reuniting. You must stay casual as possible and never let him know immediately that you want to try the relationship again. Always keep the conversation light and meet him as friends at this time. You will get your answer if he says no and when he’s not open to meet as friends for a cup of coffee then for sure he wants to get back with you too.

If for example he says yes to you, keep it casual and have some fun. Just be yourself and never push it hard on him. You will end up of losing him forever. If your ex boyfriend really wants to get back with you, everything will start from there and will progress as you go on with your lives.

2.) When he says no or showed no signs of interest in reconciling, just walk away from the place and be proud of it. At least you have tried to work things out. Don’t get angry with his decision or threaten your ex in any possible way. Just say your goodbyes and wish him well.

These are just some of the things that you can do to know if he’s still open for reconciliation or not. If you got your answer negatively, just move with it and be proud with yourself knowing that you tried. Take some time to know all the reasons why you want him back and understand them if it’s worth to try again because not every relationship must be saved.

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