Do You Believe You Can Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

A wise Buddha once articulated, “What you think, you become.”

A web surrounding the law of attraction was woven based on this very concept, illustrating the power of the mind. If everything that is, begins in the center of your own mind, how potentially powerful is that? Extremely, I’d say.

Just as your relationship would be doomed to failure if you truly believed that it was, your relationship could heal and thrive if you so believed it could. That’s a Clap if you believe in Faeries mentality, I understand your skepticism.

But lets take a look at the common sense implications.Take dancing as an example.

If you don’t think you can dance, you are going to be hesitant to give it a full throttle try. You’ll be self conscious of what others see when you bust a move and will probably miss a beat. Your self doubt will cause you to over think your movements and so will reflect in your dancing as thoughtful and not soulful. Your hands will be sweaty and clammy and shaky and you’ll try to avoid direct contact with your partner in hopes she won’t notice. The noise in your head will block out the music and without music what is dancing but akin to dry humping, which has it’s time and place, just not on the dance floor.

Hence, you will essentially be a wallflower.

On the other hand if you believe that you can dance and you give it your best shot, enthusiastic and bursting with energy, you’ll be pushing the limits. With confidence to kill for people may not notice that you just tripped a bit. If your face is cracked in two by a giant grin and you’re able laugh at your mistakes and not take yourself too seriously, enjoyment will not escape you and your partner. You’ll be too busy trying to bring out the laughter of others to let yourself morph into a bundle of nerves. And you’ll really feel the music and listen to it telling you exactly how to twist and turn. Even if you fall on your face, you gave your all and that’s a lot more fulfilling than sitting on the sidelines wondering.

Now thinking about this analogy, replace dancing with the intricacies of your relationship that you’d like to see in full bloom once again. Are you missing the vital ingredient: Believing in it?

It’s definitely not the sole ingredient involved in a healthy relationship but it’s as critical as sugar is in cake.
So ask yourself, do you really believe you can get your ex girlfriend back? Do you believe you deserve her affections? Do you believe that you were meant to be together. Do you believe?

You can’t go for anything that you desire half-assed and expect to achieve the vibrant results that you so strive for. Love is no exception. That dream relationship that you witness some people have and that you hope for, doesn’t just come from wanting. You have to work for it.

Make it happen: Get Your Ex Back Like A Magnet by Mike Sullivan

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