Crying During Sex: Is It Normal or Oversensitive?

crying during sexCrying during sex: Is it normal? Does it happen often?

The answer is this. Women do tend to make sounds during sex. Some women moan. Other women get very vocal. Some women may even cry. It is quite normal to make some sound or sounds during sex. Sound denotes pleasure and pleasure brings on great emotion and joy. Having an emotional response during sex is quite normal.

Can crying during sex indicate there is a problem with the relationship?

Crying during sex can indicate different kinds of emotions at play. It is also very possible that someone in a relationship can be very sad during sex. This sadness can be caused by an existing issue in a relationship that has the person sad and they are projecting their unhappiness about it during the sexual act. So, with this said, the answer is surely yes. It can mean that a relationship is troubled and that the party is bereft with misery or depression about the fact.

Can crying during sex be due to some form of existing pain during sex?

Women can experience a wide variety of female issues. These female issues if undetected can bring on a lot of physical pain whenever they try to have sex with their significant other. Sexual intercourse can indeed be the most painful for some women out there who are having female problems. Therefore, if sex is too painful, do refrain from it until you have seen a gynecologist about it. There is no sense in making pain for yourself by having sex. It is wise to get checked if pain remains and doesn’t go away.

Can crying just be a way to show how a woman is truly feeling?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. When a woman or a man has sex, they feel it every way in their bodies. Women have a tendency to feel something that men cannot even begin to experience. Therefore, the fact that a woman is deeply in love with her man is something which can come shining through very strongly during their lovemaking together. It is a combination what is going on within the head of a person and the very potent chemicals from sex that can get the crying process started automatically. If a woman is feeling sad about her relationship, this can be revealed by her crying. If she is fiercely and happily in love, she will also cry because of the immense joy and happiness she is feeling.

Can this crying be an indication of strong love or affection?

Sure, this can indeed be a strong indication of love or affection. Being in love is a very strong emotion and it’s the kind of emotion that can take over the entire body. This can especially happen during the act of lovemaking between two people are who very close. The feeling of love and being in love can overwhelm one emotionally and literally bring him or her to tears. Crying during sex can go either way. It can be expressive of deep love or of deep anguish for some.

Is crying during sex indicative of something negative going on?crying during sex

Negative emotions during the sexual act can indeed bring on tears. This is because emotions are at play and can be conflicting in description. Love is supposed to be a good thing between two people. However, when love goes wrong or starts to go wrong, it can bring on some very negative feelings and these feelings can be expressed very openly during sex. This is because a person’s body is feeling all sorts of sensations when having sex and lots of chemicals are being triggered off to relay emotions of all types.


There is nothing wrong with crying during sex. It is just an emotional response to the awesome sex and to the happy feelings that are stirring within the heart. When you cry, it is a psychological response that is being triggered off by chemicals in the brain, which occur as the result of having an orgasm. Women make noises during sex that indicate pleasure, joy, and contentment. So, crying is normal during sex, just like other things are.

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