Couples Yoga for a Stronger Relationship

Yoga helps you get focused, grounded and centred while at the same time provide you with a deeper connection with yourself and getting in touch with the abundant love for self at the same time. Imagine if you brought this into your relationships, the sparks would just be flying!
I found that yoga with my partner helps us reconnect. Taking time out just for ourselves is especially beneficial when we feel that life is getting too hectic. It is amazing how a simple 20 minute yoga session can bring us back down to earth, and helps us create our intimate bond again.
Doing certain poses with your partner can help you get properly adjusted and deepen the stretches. In some instances you will feel a completely different part of your body stretching when you do it with a partner.
So what poses can you do together?

Down dog/backbend

• To start one of you need to get into the downward dog pose
• Then the other partner is to put their feet in between the down-dogging partner’s hands and lower yourself onto your partners back
• Then stretch your arms overhead
• Stay for several breaths and trade places

Couples Downward Dog
Couples Downward Dog

Partner Forward Fold

• Sit opposite each other with your legs extended into a V-shape, make sure your soles are touching
• Extend arms toward each other, hold opposite arm to palm
• Inhale and bend forward lengthening your spine
• Hold for 5-7 breaths

Make sure you both have a turn!

Forward Bend with Partner
Forward Bend with Partner

Wheel pose adjustment

• One of you is to get into the wheel pose (you can start in bridge position and extend into the full wheel pose)
• Your partner is to take a towel and wrap it around your lower back, and pull the tower toward himself
• This should take a lot of pressure of your lower back
• Stay for 5-7 breaths and swap places

Wheel Pose
Wheel Pose

Temple pose

• Face each other, standing with feet under hips
• As you inhale extend your arms above your head and begin to fold forward
• Once your hands touch with your partner, keep folding forward bringing forearms and hands to rest against each other
• Rest your weight against each other and release your chest and belly
• Hold for 5-7 breaths

This is a great chest and shoulder opener. Not to mention the deep connection you will feel with your partner gazing into each other’s eyes…

Temple Pose
Temple Pose

Boat Pose

• When practicing boat pose alone you can certainly feel your core. When you practice it with a partner, it is great for stretching your hamstrings.
• To start sit opposite your partner
• Hold hands on the outside of your hips
• Raise your legs and put your soles together – try to find balance as you straighten your legs up in the air
• If you can’t find your balance at first, you can start practicing this pose by straightening only one leg at a time
• Make sure you are not rounding your back, keep it straight
• Hold for 5 breaths, perfect time to gaze into each other’s eyes
• To get out of the pose, slowly lower your legs and let your hands go

Boat Pose
Boat Pose

Finish off your session with the corpse pose, lying next to each other resting your hands together gently. Allow your bodies to completely relax, with your eyes closed for around 3-5 minutes. Feel your connection in the present moment.

Like any new practice, there can be a learning curve getting the partner poses right, you may want to invest in a partner yoga workshop, online class or iPhone app to help to master your techniques, once you have done that you can practice any time anywhere…

Don’t forget, “only love is real, everything else is an illusion!”

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