7 Awesome Tips to Sweeten Your Relationship

Surprises are sweet and precious things that every girl looks forward to from their boyfriends. It needs not be expensive, the aim of them is to show her that you have been thinking about them.

There are so many little acts of kindness that can make your girl go blushing all over. Want to know what these are? Keep reading to learn how you can impress easily with these priceless expressions that can come only from the heart.

  • Write a Message to Her

Never underestimate the immense power that a love message can hold, especially if it comes out of the blue. It doesn’t have to be a full blown love letter, just a note of ‘Thinking of You’. Your girlfriend will get all glittery eyed when she opens it up (a sight that even diamonds are not capable of doing). You can even spice it up, by keeping these little cheats around places where you know she will look into at least once throughout the day. Spread the breadcrumbs of messages all around the house. Your girl will love you for it.

  • Go Completely Impromptu

Don’t plan everything in life out. This can turn out to be monotonous and boring. You can rather try doing some things spontaneously instead. Take her out for some coffee to break her day up or go out together to a new place neither of you has been at before, or you can even offer to go to the markets with her. Doing every day things differently can make things more fun for both of you, not to mention the ‘together’ time you can gain!

  • Be Mindful of Her Mood

I don’t mean general moodiness here. But if you know that your girlfriend is struggling with something she is trying to work through, make sure that you are there for her. Don’t try to solve her problem, instead offer her an empathetic ear or offer to go for a walk with her or to do something that would help her get in a better place.

  • Plan a Holiday Trip Together

A surprise trip away can be great, however planning something together, even if it is just a weekend away can be even better for your relationship! If you plan it together, you just created a common goal for the both of you. It gives you something to look forward to and get excited about.

A weekend getaway can be perfectly rejuvenating. Plan a trip that you can both enjoy and that will give you some relief from your hectic work schedule.

  • Help her with her Things-to-do List

Sit down together and ask her what tasks she set out to do over a period of time – say the weekend. Offer to take some of those tasks off her, so she can feel supported and so she doesn’t have to stress out with too much to do. This will not only surprise her but will make her fall in love with you all the more.

  • Pick a Fancy Outfit for Her

This is something that many girls like, especially when the gift is from someone who they love. So pick an outfit from the store that she never fails to throw a glance at whenever she passes the store, but ends up never buying anything from there. If you are living together, go to her bedroom and put it in her closet. Prepare yourself for the massive hug and kiss that will follow immediately. You know you love it too when she does that after getting all excited.

  • Prepare Her a Meal

Volunteer to prepare the dinner, or even better surprise her with it by the time she get home. She will love it especially after returning home from a tiresome work schedule. You can also surprise her in the morning by preparing a breakfast and then taking it straight to bed for her. Now there is a way to start the morning on a positive note…

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