6 Tips To Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

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Your wedding day is definitely one of the best days of your entire life. However, the wedding preparations can be extremely stressful and put a lot of strain on your relationship. Brides tend to shoulder most of the organisational burden and can sometimes feel that their husband to be isn’t helping out enough or taking the whole process seriously. Grooms can feel like their opinions are not valid as the bride usually has such a distinct idea of what she wants the day to be like. These little tensions can mount up until one of you finally explodes. Here are some tips for helping to maintain a healthy relationship whilst planning a wedding.

For her:

1. Listen to him. Don’t just put his ideas to one side and go and do your own thing as it is his wedding day too. Tell him that you appreciate his ideas and give them proper consideration.

2. Learn to compromise. Most men will be happy to let you take the reins when it comes to desiging your wedding. However, there may be certain things such as the wedding car or the honeymoon where they want to take the responsibility. Let him do this and you concentrate on other things such as the wedding venue.

3. Take time out. Most disagreements between pre-marital couples usually occur when the bride reaches wedding overload. The planning can really take it’s toll and you need to make sure that you take time out for yourself and let off some steam. Try laying aside the plans for an evening and taking a nice hot bubble bath or seeing your friends.

For him:

4. Always remember that she has probably been planning this day in her head since she was a little girl. Generally as men you are more concerned with the life after the wedding than the actual day itself but for her it is extremely important that it’s perfect.

5. Always try and be interested. Whatever it is that is being planned you should try and take an active interest. Even if it is just saying “that’s nice” when it comes a pedestal display for the church. It will show that you are taking in what is happening and also show her that you care.

6. Treat your bride to be. Whether that is thanking her for all her hard work with a compliment or by buying her a little gift. She is sure to appreciate it!

Small courtesies can make a huge difference between couples in the run up to the big day. Make sure that the whole process is an enjoyable one by extending them to each other!

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