5 Weird Things that Happen when You Fall in Love

Don’t you think the things that you do when you fall in love is a bit crazy? It makes you do stuff which you do not generally do under normal circumstances. You go through physiological, as well as psychological changes when you fall in love. Here’s what happens when you find yourself in love with someone.

Your Hormones Become Uncontrollable

When you are in love, you will find that your heart beats faster, there is a pink flush on your cheek, and your palms are all sweaty. This is the doing of the rush of the hormones and chemicals which flood you brain and your body when you are in love. You find yourself feeling euphoric. You do not have a hand in this, loves makes you go all crazy.

You Think of the Person 24/7

From the second that you are up from you sleep till the moment you go to sleep, again at night, the person you are in love with occupies some portion of your mind. Confused as to how does your brain manage to do that? The fact is that this is generally automatic and subconscious. It is like your brain has been programmed to do such things. Although all throughout the day, this person might be resolutely at the back of your mind. It might seem crazy, but is good to think about somebody once in a while.

You Catch Yourself Smiling When You are Alone

You definitely might have encountered a situation when you find yourself smiling at a text sent by your partner. Smile texting is an excellent example of things that happen to you when you are in love with somebody. You have sensation of happiness all the time, even when you are not physically together.

You might catch yourself smiling hearing some song, or when she/she texts you, or seeing some picture of that person. These things make you smile more than usual because you are hopelessly in love with someone. People might wonder why you are smiling, but you hardly seem to mind.

You do Some Crazy Stuff

Have you ever heard of boys standing underneath the window of their partner and playing song on their guitar? This was some years back. In recent times, you will come across videos of men proposing to their partner among a horde of people. Remember, loves makes you do some embarrassing things. This is primarily because you are ready to anything for the person you love. It ceases to matter to matter to you what people think about you.

You Become Concerned About Your Looks

Before you fell in love, you might have just rolled out of the bed and put on some shorts and t-shirt to go somewhere. However, love will give you a reason to look better. You will comb you hair often, double check your dress to make sure you looking good, shave more diligently, and also go to the gym.

Love makes you blind to the faults and you become quick to forgive because according to you, your love can do no wrong. It makes you crazy but it also makes you happy. It is exciting and addictive.

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