5 Signs that Show You are Dating a Gentleman

When it comes to relationships and dating, you might often want to be in a relationship with a gentleman. However, how will you find out that the man that you are dating is a gentleman or not. A might be able to show a great image of himself. Nonetheless, he might just be covering the shortcomings. He can even be faking it to you. Here are some ways by which you can find out whether you are really dating a gentleman or not.

A Gentleman will Value More than Your Looks

Does your guy give you compliments only about your body parts? It doesn’t really matter how creative your man can be, if you man only discusses physical things with you and focuses on how you look then take it as a red flag. A gentleman will value your personality, your intelligence, and your kindness. He will love you and respect you as a person in general. The things that he is making you feel good about are the things that are under his control not simply the results of getting in a gene pool.

A Gentleman isn’t Intimidated by Your Motivation

A person who has goals for himself will always want to be with a person who has some goals in their life. He will not be threatened or intimidated by women who go seeking after what she wants. He will have the desire to be a part of the power couple instead of just dictatorship. You should be careful of someone who is trying to keep you away from your dreams.

A Gentleman will have More Interest than Just You

This shouldn’t be taken in a negative way; you should obviously be his priority in life. However, he also needs to have own dreams and requirements. He should have friends, aspirations, hobbies, and interests in life. If you find out that the man is planning his whole life around you then it is red flag and this relationship isn’t going to end up well.

A Gentleman will Give You all Answers

Doesn’t matter how uncomfortable situation is, a gentleman will always approach it with respect and will explain things to you. The mark of real man is how well he manages to handle a criticism, conflict, and also less ideal situations. A real man will not make excuses and will provide you with answers. If there is something that you guys need to talk about then he will take out time and talk to you.

A Gentleman is Direct and will Trust You

A true gentleman will not manipulate you and not play any mind games with you. A real man will always be direct and will treat you with enough kindness.

As long as you do not destroy the trust of a man, he will not be paranoid and will not snoop around. He will not intrude into your privacy and will definitely not do anything wrong. He will be confident about the relationship. When he isn’t a gentleman, he will project his insecurities and will destroy the foundation that you have built together.

A man will try to make you happy from inside, as well as outside.

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