5 Pros of Working With A Wedding Planner In India

Wedding planners take the burden off your shoulder while offering many ways to save money and make your wedding a greater success. The blog details five reasons why hiring a planner is a good idea. Read on.

Weddings in India are no small feat. The elaborate rituals, the relatives, the gifts, the sumptuous food, the decorations…the list goes on and on. There is so much to do that one won’t be surprised to find that families take as much as an entire year to prepare for the event.

Wedding planner

And in all the madness and sheer volume of arrangements to be done, comes the wedding planner to your rescue. If there’s a wedding coming up in the family, here are five reasons you should dismiss your apprehensions about hiring planners right away.

They are experienced: The fact is that while you get married once (or twice, or thrice), a good wedding planner would have arranged at least tens or hundreds of weddings – a simple reason that makes them more experienced than you and therefore, more capable of arranging a wedding and taking care that it goes off smoothly.

They know the best services: Caterers, decorators, etc., are part of the wedding business. A planner will have better contacts than you in terms of these services and can represent you at meetings with them, all while considering your budget.

You can expect discounts: For the reason above, they can also get you discounts which you wouldn’t have been able to clinch on your own. Since wedding planners can recommend the service providers to their other clients, the providers have a reason to stay in the good books of the planners.

You and your family are spared the headache: One of the most auspicious and memorable occasions of your lives should be giving you and your family happiness, not headaches. When the planner is taking care of everything, all you have to do is relax, have fun participating in the rituals, and perhaps call the planner every once in a while to keep a check on the proceedings. And even if it doesn’t turn out well (which the planner will take all measures not to let happen since their reputation depends on it), you can always give whining guests the planner’s name to blame.

Their advice is worthwhile: The planner knows the best places to shop, whether Goa will be a better value-for-money honeymoon destination or Manali, whether Thai food will be appreciated by north- Indian guests or Chinese, and so on. They will give you advice that works.

The best way of settling your apprehensions about a planner’s credibility and quality is to ask for references. A good planner will happily give you a list of satisfied clients whom you can contact yourselves. And then you can rest assured that your wedding is in safe hands.

Share with us what you think about hiring a wedding planner. Have you ever been to a wedding and found the arrangements so good that you wished you had hired those planners for your own wedding? Tell us in the comments section.

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