10 Guidelines to a Bromance

matt damon and ben affleckBromance – hate the word, but respect a buddy that is there through thick and thin. Few guys will ever admit to having a bromance but we can recognize manly dudes who get that hanging together can lead to epic nights out and truly awful hangovers.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck built careers and a Hollywood legacy on their bromance, so don’t dismiss it. The does and don’ts of a bromance are listed here to serve as a guideline for anyone who may wonder if the friendship has gone too far.

  1. Always have your buddy’s back, even if he’s wrong, especially if he is wrong. This does not mean encouraging him to ran off to Vegas and elope with the crazy one night stand, but allow him to have fun with her until he sees what everyone else is saying.
  2. Never, repeat never, wear any type of matching outfit. Both of you can wear team jerseys to a sporting event, other than that any type of outfit coordination is taking the bromance to an ugly place.
  3. Floor tickets, playoff tickets, anything that you would literally cut off your arm and sell to attend make sure you offer the extra seat to your sport loving bro. If your significant other will spend the whole time texting and barely look at the game, she will not care if you give away the ticket. However, if your truly awesome mate is also a sports fanatic this is an epic problem for which there is no positive outcome. Begin consuming copious amounts of alcohol immediately.
  4. Friends don’t let friends drink alone. Be there when times are rough with a drink and some advice. Strippers cannot serve as your stand in, but could be a nice addition to the evening.
  5. When asked to be best man in his wedding, the answer is always yes. Followed by immediate planning of the most legendary bachelor party in history. A night out at the chicken wings and beer joint will not cut it. After the bachelor party is done a nice wedding present and a speech free of any profanity or wild bachelor tales is also in order.
  6. Others may comment on the bromance, and even use the term bromance. The two of you may not under any circumstance ever use the word bromance in reference to yourselves or your relationship.
  7. Matching tattoos are the adult male equivalent of little girls’ BFF necklaces and are not to be discussed, much less actually gone through with. If there is still any doubt see number two again.
  8. Having a favorite beer, a favorite bar, and even sharing a passion for a local sports team are all acceptable bromance activities. Enjoying barbeque, rock music, and working out are also customary. Having a song, especially a slow ballad, is not and will bring relentless teasing from other friends and girlfriends.
  9. Girls take advantage of girls’ nights out and ladies spa retreats. There is no reason you cannot have road trip weekends and dude dates (just don’t call them that). If the girlfriend or wife protests reference back to the girls nights and spa vacations.  You may win an argument for the very first time, don’t gloat or there will be no man time.
  10. While friends are important and are valued as necessary social connections, they must come second to wedding days, the birth of one’s children, and any other situation where choosing your bromance first could result in divorce.

From George Clooney and Brad Pitt to Batman and Robin society is rife with examples of close brotherly bonds. Women will understand, they may even find it kind of sexy so long as you know the limits of the bromance.

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